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Wegener's Plastic Pipe Bending Machine is an automated production plant for the manufacture of SDR 11 and SDR17 class pipe bends.


  • Patented bending system in which the ends of the pipe are pushed into the bending radius during bending. This lessens the reduction of the outer pipe wall during the bending process and thus reduces expensive material allowances to compensate the loss in wall thickness.
  • Pipe bends can be produced with a finished bending angle of 90°.
  • Variable adjustment of the bending angle.
  • Simultaneous heating of the bending blank in a radiator field.
  • Rotation of the bending blanks during heating to achieve homogeneous heating.
  • The ends are not heated so that their geometry remains unchanged. The pipe bend can therefore be further processed by classic pipe butt welding.
  • Automatic transport of the blanks from the buffer through to removal of the finished pipe bends depending on the customer's wishes.
  • Siemens PLC control system with touch screen user interface.


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Plastic Pipe Bending Machine

09 May 2021