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This is the second generation of the popular Wegener Airtherm. Built to be tough, durable and versatile.


Recommended for those looking for something to handle a professional workload.


Technical Data


- Power Consumption: 1,300w


- Temprature: >700*C


- Weight: 1.3kg

Wegener Airtherm 2 Plastic Welder

This CN-1600s Plastic Welding Kit is a Chinese made tool. But don't be fooled... this tool packs a punch! Some users have even argued that it outpaces the ever-popular Swiss-made Leister brand equivalent.


But we'll let you be the judge.


It delivers 1600w variable temperature controlled output which means it can handle a good range of welding thickness and plastic types.


It is built with a standard nozzle size which means you can attach both Leister and Wegener brand nozzles and tips which opens you up to a whole range of applications.


There a number of Chinese made tools on the market which look similar on the outside. However, they are not all built the same on the inside. We have specifically sourced this tool to meet high standards while also keeping the price affordable.

CN 1600 S Plastic Welder

The Leister Hot Jet S is in a category of its own. It's a compact plastic welder which boasts both built-in heating and airflow.


Both the heating and airflow are variable with notch-less dials which means you can adjust the settings of this tool to precisely match your job.


This tool is popular amongst panel beaters who weld a range of plastic types and who often need to navigate welding more intricate parts.


The 900w output is surprisingly powerful for the size of this unit.


The nozzle size is smaller than the standard nozzle size found on other units which means you'll need to pick up Leister band nozzles and tips to specifically suit this unit.

Leister Hot Jet S Compact Electric Plastic Welder

Looking for a compact tool for welding intricate plastic parts? Look no further than the UT 200n SI Butane Plastic welder.

This tool is a solid unit made in the USA and is perfect for those small intricate jobs.


The butane based design means there is no airflow output... Just heat.


Hence the UT 200 SI is the tool of choice for ultra intricate welding jobs.


This unit is filled with butane in the handle which is burnt to create heat which removed the need for connecting power cables.


Just light it up and start welding!

UT 200 SI Compact Butane Plastic Welder

Serious welding technicians and plastic fabricators might want to consider a welder with external airflow like the Wegener Autotherm or the Wegener Duratherm.


Tools with built-in airflow are great for portability. However, the small motors can wear out if you're using them all day, every day.


That's where the external Airflow models like the Autotherm and the Duratherm come in handy.


These units are designed to be connected to a robust external air blower. This means you can keep on welding with no need to worry about engine burnouts or replacing motor brushes.


This is best-suited for fabrication sites where you don't need to move locations as you'll be tethered to the air blower when in operation.

Wegener Autotherm and Duratherm Industrial Plastic Welders

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